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Global Strays aims to reduce the suffering of animals in impoverished regions in Latin America. We fund animal shelters and create longstanding partnerships to bring services directly into communities, to increase the well-being of animals and families alike.

Animal Shelter Support

Funds the monthly necessities of struggling animal shelters, decreasing the financial strain of rescuers.

Working Horse Clinics

Allow for healthy & pain-free horses, helping sustain families’ livelihoods free of charge.

Spay, Neuter & Veterinary Care Clinics

Reduce both animal suffering & stress for owners, allowing for healthier pets.
Relieve the financial burdens of surgery costs for families with pets and dramatically prevents pet abandonment.

Educational Clinics

Provide pet care knowledge, helping foster empathy & respect for our planet & the beings that inhabit it.

Animal Education

Moreover, as an international animal welfare organization, we are a resource for animal lovers around the world: we help raise awareness on important issues in animal welfare on our social media and website, and we are striving to become an educational resource for pet owners in all parts of the world.

Our 2020 Impact


Animals are provided with veterinary care and/or preventative treatment.


Animals received a one-month supply of food


Animals spayed/neutered


Animals vaccinated.

Our 2021 Impact


Animals are provided with veterinary care and/or preventative treatment.


Animals received a one-month supply of food


Animals spayed/neutered


Animals vaccinated.

Our Vision

We envision a world where there are no stray animals. Instead, all animals are well cared for and in loving homes. We strive to create a world that fosters empathy and respect for all living beings.

Why Global Strays?

Global Strays is not your average animal welfare organization. We implement the One Health Model – Optimal health is only achieved through recognizing the relationships between the environment, people, and animals.

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Global Strays provides opportunities for funders, organizations, individuals, and companies to join our movement aimed at helping animals and the people that love them. You can become an ambassador; you can fundraise for us; you can volunteer.

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Global Strays Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 81-3509140)

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