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Emergency Veterinarian Care

At certain times, animals rescued from the streets need emergency veterinarian care in order to survive. At Global Strays we believe that this is integral to our mission to help animals and care for them when they are at their worst.

One example of how we have helped animals in desperate need is in the case of Otto. Otto is a dog that was rescued off the streets of Nicaragua by our partners with facial tumors and a leg that was severely injured after being run over by a vehicle. We helped Otto so he could get the chemotherapy treatment he needed. The before and after photos are incomparable!

Otto before receiving treatment:

Otto after receiving treatment:

Another case Global Strays helped with was a dog named Milly. Milly was rescued by our partner organization in Nicaragua after being found barely breathing in a plastic bag tucked into a shoe box inside a dumpster. She suffered blows to the head and a broken jaw but this tough cookie pushed through, thanks to our help with her emergency veterinarian care.

Milly before receiving treatment:

Milly after receiving treatment:

Stella was a dog rescued by our partners on the streets of La Romana in the Domincan Republic. She was extremely emaciated and had a horrible skin condition. Global Strays helped Stella so that she could buy the necessary medication for her skin condition. Stella is now living in Canada where she has been adopted by a loving family.

Stella before receiving treatment:

Stella after receiving treatment: