Spay & Neuter and Veterinarian Care Program

Global Strays knows that the overpopulation of suffering homeless animals can only be addressed by tackling the root causes of overpopulation. That is why Global Strays works within a different rural community every month in Nicaragua to spay & neuter owned pets, free of charge to families who cannot afford the procedure and provide veterinary care.

In Nicaragua, where the majority of animals are homeless and live on the streets, we know that spay and neutering must be a top priority. We believe we must reach the animals before they reach the streets and the shelter system. Many Nicaraguans want to help their pets but they do not have the financial resources nor the education to spay or neuter their animals or to access basic veterinarian care. Thanks to Dr. Lester Tapia and our veterinarian team at Aprovet Nicaragua, this program is made possible.

“I brought my dog Seagull to the clinic today because I have too many dogs and I do not want any more puppies.”

-Josue, 10 years, old at the Barrio Francisco Gonzales Clinic, June 22nd 2019

“We came to the clinic today with our dogs because we already have 10 dogs and we do not want anymore.”

-Emily & Guadalupe with puppies Maya & Wendy at the Barrio Francisco Gonzales Clinic on June 22nd 2019

José and his dog Seagall are an example of how Global Strays impacts not only animals but also people and their communities. José brought Seagall to our clinic in June in Barrio Francisco Gonzales because she kept giving birth and he had no means to care for the ever growing litters of puppies. They were suffering from lack of basic necessities, such as water, food, and medical attention, none of which José could afford. Without the proper nutrition, having several litters of puppies took a great toll on his dog Seagull. However, we were able to help José by spaying his dog Seagull.
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