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Spay, Neuter & Veterinary Care Program

In Partnership with The Brady Hunter Foundation

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Global Strays knows that the overpopulation of suffering homeless animals can only be addressed by tackling the problem at its root. We believe we must reach the animals before they reach the streets and the shelter system. Our staff in Nicaragua and Colombia offer spay, neuter, and veterinary care clinics, free of charge, to families with pets in communities that would otherwise not have access to these services.

Our Clinics

Carazo, Nicaragua

Clinic organizers: Mabia Espinoza, Elisa Quiroz & Anleika Espinoza

Veterinarian in charge: Dr. Adela Espinoza

Global Strays has actively worked in the areas of Carazo, Nicaragua for the past several years. It is our hope to create a lasting impact in one geographical location at a time. In 2022, we project to provide veterinary care to at least 1,066 animals and to spay and neuter 460 dogs and cats.

Bogotá, Colombia

Veterinarian in charge: Dr. Monica Millan

Clinic organizers: Kathe Riviera & Maria Fernanda Pacho

Using a mobile clinic, we provide spay and neuter services to the most in need areas of Bogatá, Colombia. In 2022, our Colombian team projects to spay and neuter 1,500 dogs and cats.


This is Juana Lopez with her dog Lulu. Lulu came to our clinic to get spayed but was suffering from malnutrition. Lulu was provided proper nutrition and was able to be spayed two weeks after.

When asked Do you feel that this clinic has helped you?”
María Auxiliadora Brenes, replied: “Yes. I feel happy because I do not have the resources to go somewhere else, and this is a very special clinic to help all the poor people.”

When asked “How did you like the clinic today?”
Juana Idalia Molina Narvaez replied, “Very good. There is a passion for our and to spay and neuter them, free of charge. I want to thank the organization for supporting this, so there will be no more abandoned animals.”

This pet owner explained to Global Strays that she was happy to see the spay and neuter clinics here. At the moment, there are many abandoned animals in this rural area because many people go there to abandon their pets.
When asked why he brought his dog to the clinic, he replied“to sterilize it because it is restless and aggressive.”