Meet the Global Strays Staff



Liz is the founding president of Global Strays. In her twenties, she fostered and found homes for at-risk pitbulls in New York City. Shortly after, when travelling throughout Central America, she saw first-hand the suffering and overpopulation crisis of animals. She was inspired to take action, thus the creation of Global Strays. Aside from her work in international animal welfare, Liz has freelanced as a photojournalist for Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. She also has a fascination with log cabins, rivers in The Texas Hill Country and has a particular interest in alternative medicine.

Email Liz about partnership or event opportunities, becoming a donor, and how Global Strays can help you. 

Kristy Himmler

International Programs Director

Kristy has previously worked for various educational and woman´s health non-profit organizations in New York City and Guatemala. Her love for Latin America and animals drew her to Global Strays. She believes in Global Strays’ mission and thinks it is yielding positive changes everywhere it is present. Kristy loves traveling, trying new food, and any activity that is in the ocean.

Email Kristy for information about our current and future programs, becoming an international partner, or applying for aide.

Tariana Nguyen

Communications Director

Tariana’s greatest passion in life is the nonprofit/NGO sector. She’s dedicated her career to working for organizations that create transformational change. With a lifelong commitment to animal welfare, Tariana is excited and honored to be part of the Global Strays team. When not working for nonprofits, she spends her free time volunteering for them. Most notably, she’s volunteered abroad to build schools in countries affected by natural disasters. Tariana also loves reading books, training in Muay Thai, and is completely obsessed with her dog, Ava.

Email Tariana about newsletters, social media, and communication partnerships.

Dr. Steve Kruzeniski

Veterinary & Humane Education Consultant

Dr. Steve is a Canadian-born and trained veterinarian, having graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. He has been involved with a variety of Veterinary field programs around the World and has also spent time in private practice with a special interest in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. He has always held a passion for teaching and mentoring. He is currently pursuing higher education in One Health, Veterinary Human Support, and Transpersonal Psychology. He lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru where he enjoys hiking, photography, healthy living, and helping others explore wellness-based activities.

Joey Rodriguez

Operations Consultant

(929 Design LLC)

Joey Rodriguez is passionate about conserving nature and helping creatures of all kinds through fundraising and design. Global Strays’ commitment to welfare and education were instrumental in drawing Joey to the organization. With a background in film production, graphic design, development, and operations management, his almost 20-year career has taken him from New York to Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, and many places in between. He is the author of four novels and two novellas and creates intergalactic art and music in his spare time.

Email Joey about non-profit resources, potential partnerships, donations and giving opportunities, and strategic planning.

Our Boots On The Ground Team

Elisa Quiroz

Facilitator, Nicaragua

Elisa Quiroz first felt the rush of rescuing animals when she saved a baby kitten unable to walk. In 2014, Elisa started the ADAN Foundation, which rescues and rehabilitates dogs, cats, and horses. Once the animals are rehabilitated, they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and put up for adoption. With the aid of Global Strays, the ADAN Foundation has had an impact on government policy through the reform of Law 747, which protects the welfare of domestic animals in Nicaragua. Elisa is a Project Coordinator for the Global Strays Spay and Neuter & Veterinarian Care Program, and she inspects and oversees several of our affiliated shelters.

Mabia Elisa Espinoza Sánchez

Facilitator, Global Strays Spay/Neuter & Veterinarian Care Program and COVID Pet Food Pantry Program

Mabia Elisa Espinoza Sánchez is a lover of all things nature and animals. She began rescuing stray animals when she was 22 years old. With her two sisters and a degree in economics, Mabia used her business acumen to found Rescatanda Huellas, the largest animal shelter in Nicaragua. Since teaming up with Global Strays in 2017, Mabia has successfully run our programs in Nicaragua including the Spay and Neuter & Veterinarian Care Program and the COVID-19 pet Food Pantry Program, which help feed pets for families affected by the pandemic.

Katherinne Rivera

Facilitator, Bogotá, Colombia

Kathe Rivera began her rescue work by bringing food to starving animals in the streets south of Bogotá, Colombia. There, she opened her first animal shelter, Fundación Pacto Animal, in 2013 and managed the foundation entirely alone. In 2017 amid a financial crisis in Colombia, Kathe was between a rock and a woof place and on the verge of closing the shelter. At that moment in time, she received a phone call from Global Strays, who met Kathe at her shelter in Sibate. Kathe and Global Strays immediately formed a partnership. Since that day, Kathe has successfully rescued and found homes for over 700 dogs.

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