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Create a Fundraiser for Global Strays

One way to help us out is to set up your own fundraisers. Peer-to-peer fundraising is one way to be effective in spreading our message and outreach efforts. If you’d like to help, follow the instructions below.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Step 1

Click here to start creating your Facebook fundraiser.

Step 2

You will see a raise money button on the right hand side under “Create a fundraiser,” click that button to get started.

Step 3

Set your goal and share!

Suggestions for Maximizing Your Impact


Invite your friends to participate in and share your fundraiser

Make sure to invite as many FB friends as possible to partake and share your fundraiser multiple times on your newsfeed.

Promote your fundraiser beyond Facebook

Promote your FB fundraiser by emailing or texting friends with the link who may not always be checking Facebook.

Give your fundraiser a personal touch

Include a description of why Global Strays is personally important to you always is more attractive.