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Animal Shelter Support Program

Global Strays provides monthly support to shelters that are located in high-need areas of the world that do not receive adequate funding or support. Our partner shelters serve communities that are underfunded, poverty-stricken, and overlooked. They are in desperate need of assistance for their animal rescue programs and the maintenance of their shelters. Through Global Strays’ Animal Shelter Support Program, these shelters receive the funding required to operate and continue saving the lives of animals in need.

In 2021, 48.3% of our expenses went toward this program.

On a monthly basis, we support our partners with necessities including but not limited to:

  • Food for shelter animals
  • Medications, vaccinations and spay & neutering procedures
  • Emergency funding for critically ill or injured animals
  • Fumigation and pest control for shelters
  • Shelter rent expenses
  • Facility updates, structural maintenance and construction costs
  • Salaries for caretakers

By alleviating these financial burdens, our partner organizations can focus on rescuing more stray and abandoned animals and finding loving, responsible homes for them.

Here’s what our partners have to say about this program:

“In order to rehabilitate an animal, you must have financial and human resources to carry out a successful rehabilitation and be able to fulfill our main purpose, which is adoption 一 a new opportunity for all these animals that have suffered neglect. Thanks to Global Strays we have managed to meet these goals each year.

Mabia Espinoza
Founder of Rescatando Huellas

“Thanks to Global Strays, we have been able to offer a better quality of life for our rescued animals. We no longer suffer from a lack of resources, such as feeding the animals at our shelter and paying for veterinary costs. With this beautiful support, we have managed to fulfill our objective which is: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Sterilize, and Adopt.”

Kathe Riviera
Founder of Fundación Pacto Animal

Here’s what a community member has to say about this program:

“I am very thankful to the foundations Global Strays and Rescatando Huellas and I will never forget you. I want to say that the day I die my last thought will be for my dogs and these two foundations that have left a mark on my life forever.”

Jinotepe, Nicaragua