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Help End Cruelty and Poisoning in the Dominican Republic!

Join the Global Strays Movement and Sign Our Petition.

Global Strays has joined with our partners in the Dominican Republic (DR) to petition for the rewriting and comprehensive enforcement of Law No.248-12*, which sanctions the mistreatment of animals and ensures that there are proper institutions to enforce the compliance of this law. We need to take this initiative directly to the Dominican Republic’s Head of State, President Luis AbinaderJoin with us to show him that the lives of these animals truly matter!

Our partners in the DR informed us that there are dog culling efforts in some of the tourist/beach communities. Certain establishments have been caught in poisoning schemes in which they tell their guests to stay off the beach so that it can be fumigated for insects, but really put out poisoned food for dogs overnight, and collect the corpses at dawn. Furthermore, this is a common practice of individuals as well; laying out poison for the sole purpose of killing off the stray dog population. 

This cruel act is illegal under Law No.248-12. Perpetrators are often not penalized according to the law and walk away with a mere slap on the wrist. As an international animal welfare organization, Global Strays cannot sit still when such information is brought to our attention. Help us bring more awareness to the mistreatment occurring, and promote a wider understanding of laws that are already in place so that proper measures can be taken. 

Recognition of these horrible acts is growing but we need your support.

Please take action now to help us in our mission!

Latest Signatures

771 Abdiaziz Y. Somalia Mar 25, 2024
770 Bassam I. Canada Nov 10, 2023
769 Deborah W. United Kingdom Apr 18, 2023
768 Kate M. United States Mar 12, 2023
767 Hannah C. Philippines Oct 22, 2022
766 Amanda E. United Kingdom Sep 23, 2022
765 Candice A. United States May 25, 2021
764 Yolanda P. United States May 10, 2021
763 Jacqueline M. United States May 08, 2021
762 Welinton L. Dominican Republic May 02, 2021

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