Our Mission

Global Strays aims to reduce the suffering of animals in impoverished regions worldwide. We fund animal shelters and bring services directly into communities in an effort to increase the well-being of pets, strays, working animals, and families alike. By creating long standing partnerships, we tackle animal mistreatment and stray overpopulation at its root.

Our Programs

Our current initiatives are informed by the One Health Model, a driving principle for why we do what we do. The One Health Model states that optimal health can only be achieved when we consider the health of people, animals and their shared environment. Knowing that the health of people and animals are interconnected, our programs include:

Working Horse Clinics

Allow for healthy & pain-free horses, helping sustain families’ livelihoods free of charge.

Animal Education

Moreover, as an international animal welfare organization, we are a resource for animal lovers around the world: we help raise awareness on important issues in animal welfare on our social media and website, and we are striving to become an educational resource for pet owners in all parts of the world.