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Our education program in Monrovia, Liberia is in partnership with Liberian Animal Welfare and Conservation Society (LAWCS). Together, we brought humane education into the capital city of Monrovia, an area where animal welfare education is highly uncommon. Liberia does not have policies or regulations in place to protect the wellbeing of companion animals and the concept of animal welfare education is in its infancy. Because of the limited access to humane education, many superstitions and misinformation about animals persist. In the communities where we work, standards of pet care, like regularly bathing pets and viewing pets as companions are not common practices. In order to foster healthy relationships between pets and humans, our humane educators, James and Madusu teach students in first through sixth grade at ten schools in Monrovia, how to properly care for the animals with whom they share the world. In addition to teaching school children about the importance of caring for animals, our humane education program operates in larger communities to teach adults how to best care for animals.

Meet Our Humane Educators

James a Global Strays Educator.


James is a passionate humane educator working to promote animal welfare in Liberia. His love for animals has driven him to advocate for their rights and address issues of animal abuse in the country. James firmly believes that through humane education, we can create a more compassionate and respectful environment for both people and animals in Liberia.
Madusu a Global Strays Educator.


Madusu is a dedicated educator with a profound passion for animal welfare. Her love for animals was nurtured from a young age, inspired by her parents’ teachings on the importance of caring for all living beings. She believes that every creature has the right to live and thrive and teaches her students to share that belief.

The Impact of Cultivating Compassion

Veronica and her dog, Cutie.

One of the most important things I learned is that animals are just like humans. We should be kind to them, they have feelings too. We should always be the voice of animals and care for them by providing good food and clean drinking water.

Veronica and her dog, Cutie

Romeo and his dog, Teddy.
This is the first time people have told me about the importance of dogs in our lives and how we should care for them and provide for them. Thank you ever so much.

Romeo and his dog, Teddy

Planting the Seed for Generational Change!

Our education programs address animal mistreatment at the root by curating a love for animals in the next generation. In Liberia, many elements of pet care that we take for granted are not commonly practiced by pet owners. Our students often enter the classroom fearing dogs and cats but they leave knowing how to be a voice for animals. With a strong humane education curriculum, students can bring empathy and compassion for animals into their communities.

We wouldn’t have our education program in Liberia, without our partner, LAWCS. To learn more, click here.

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