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Nicaragua and Colombia

Our education program began in Los Cocos, Nicaragua. Our partner shelter saw a need for animal education when young children used slingshots to brutally kill a kitten. To prevent cruelty like this, Global Strays and Rescatando Huellas Nicaragua partnered to offer an animal education program open to children in the community. These workshops build the foundation for positive relationships between children and animals, creating lifelong respect, kindness, and empathy.

Global Strays developed a custom curriculum to teach The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. Interactive, collaborative, and thoughtful, these workshops are fun for students while teaching them the fundamentals of animal welfare.

Five Freedoms

Freedom From Hunger and Thirst icon.

Freedom From Hunger and Thirst

Freedom From Discomfort icon.

Freedom From Discomfort

Dog and cat veterinary care icon.

Freedom From pain, injury, or disease

Happy dog showing happy behavior icon.

Freedom to express normal behavior

Heart with animal paw print inside icon.

Freedom From Fear and Distress

Impact of Our
Education Program

Global Strays' Colombian student,Gilbert.
I will give him healthy food, give him a bath, a comfortable place for him to sleep, and I won’t hit him.

Gilbert (left), Student (Colombia)

Educational Coordinator in Colombia, Maria Fernanda Pacho Galindez.
The children have learned a lot about the importance of spaying & neutering, vaccination, the responsibility of having a pet, and the respect they should have for the life of all beings.

Maria Fernanda Pacho Galindez (left), Educational Coordinator Colombia, Fundación Pacto Animal (Colombia)

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