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Global Love: Tales of Tails is a global initiative unveiled on Valentine’s Day by Global Strays.

This extraordinary campaign is a celebration of the profound connections between people and their beloved pets. It transcends borders and languages, encapsulating the universal love shared between humans and animals.

Global Love invites passionate animal lovers worldwide to contribute and share their heart-touching stories in this four-part series. These narratives will become part of the exclusive Global Love collection, serving as a beacon of inspiration, fostering awareness for animal welfare, and igniting a worldwide movement dedicated to shaping a brighter future for our furry companions. By sharing your story, you’ll even be entered to win prizes including gift baskets for your pet featuring items from innovative pet brands.

We want to hear from YOU.

Or email your story and photos to Tariana@globalstrays.org

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Now Open

Category one: love between pets and humans

What is your relationship with your pet like and how have they changed your life?

Category two: love between pets and other animals
Accepting submissions in April

Category three: love between pets and their toys
Accepting submissions in July

Category four: love between people and their animal community
Accepting submissions in September

Last call for stories from any category
Accepting submissions in October