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URGENT: Animals Impacted By Hurricane Eta


We need your help! Hurricane Eta made landfall last week, forcing 30,000 people to evacuate, leaving their companion animals behind. Strays that have never felt the safety and warmth of a home are even more vulnerable. Mabia Espinoza of Global Strays and Dr. Lester Tapia and his veterinary team have just arrived to the Northern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and are currently on the ground with other Nicaraguan rescues undertaking a rescue mission to save the lives of animals impacted by this storm in northern Nicaragua. The scene is unimaginable….

Dr. Tapia and his team of veterinarians need URGENT donations to purchase medical supplies in order to save these animals from prolonged suffering.

We have already donated $1500 worth of dog and cat food, but we desperately need your help to raise the money for the medical supplies to assist injured animals. We will also be coming to the aid of cows, horses, and any other animals in distress.

Your donation will have an immediate impact. We cannot sit back while these animals suffer, and you can help save lives with your donation today. Your donation today will help purchase needed medical supplies & medications:

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*We will also be providing other forms of veterinary care when necessary. These examples are just to show your impact, donations may be used for any form of veterinary care needed.

We will be updating our followers on social media as information comes in. Our partners and representatives of Global Strays are risking their lives to help these animals, so we want to support them as much as possible.


Take a moment to watch this video plea for help from our facilitators on the ground: