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We work with a variety of animal rescue groups in the Dominican Republic. We have seen their work first-hand on multiple occasions. These groups are extremely dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from the worst conditions including neglectful owners and a life of suffering on the streets.


Collares Rojos is a non-profit organization, created by a group of friends in September 2010 and is located in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. Initially, its mission was to control the stray population, helping them (or any other animals in need) in Bayahibe area. As people started to notice their work, they started to receive calls for help in many other places of the Dominican Republic. Collares Rojos organizes and participates in several campaigns all over the country.


With help and donations, from a lot of people and our partners, we were able to build a shelter for the many street pets that we rescue, from the streets and/or in bad conditions from their “owner’s” houses.


When the pets arrive to Collares Rojos, they are examined by our local veterinary VETHELP BAYAHIBE, they receive all the health care they need and then we go through a cohabitation process. After all, they were alone on the streets, they didn’t have any other animal friends and they need to build trust in humans.

Global Campaigns

Bayahibe now has almost no (or none) street dogs that weren’t checked by us until now (April 2017). We organized and participated in more than 80 campaigns around the country. We have made partners that help us finding families, for our rescued animals, in over 5 countries.