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The Mission of Angelitos de Dios is to prevent animal cruelty and neglect by saving abandoned, or owner surrender dogs of all breeds and ages in Nicaragua to the best of our ability with the volunteer and financial resources available.

We provide veterinary care and spay/neuter every dog that comes to our shelter after getting their health back, nurturing foster homes and suitable caring permanent homes for all dogs in our care. We remain committed to each dog beyond the adoption process. We educate prospective adopters about the responsibilities and costs of providing a lifelong home to rescued dogs. We train volunteers through orientation and ongoing opportunities; and engage the community by educating and advising on the proper animal care, spay/neuter and rescue. Our ultimate goal is to develop a network of united supporters to transform as many unwanted dogs as possible into companion pets in appropriate homes.
We would like to thank Global Strays for their support to Angelitos de Dios – Little Angels of God, they have help us with vaccinations, food, maintenance of our shelter structure, as well as the payment of veterinarians, foster homes and medication for many of rescues. We have talked about bringing some dogs to the United States to open space for other dogs in need of help. Global Strays took the initiative to reach out to rescues in Nicaragua to support the efforts we are doing to help the stray, abandoned dogs in our country – Nicaragua. There are several shelters in Nicaragua that receive and have received support from Global Strays, many of our rescued animals would have gone hungry if it would not have been for their support. Lastly, we want to take the opportunity to thank all the people that help Global Strays to help us, without your support they wouldn’t be able to offer a helping hand to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you are doing for our Little Angels of God.