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Global Strays 2019 Outlook

January 12, 2019
Happy New Year from all of us at Global Strays™. We’ve accomplished a lot in 2018 and wanted to highlight a few of the most recent projects. You may have seen on our social media, that we have expanded to help more than just dogs and cats: now we are helping working horses. Last summer, when one of the more influential animal welfare organizations was forced to leave Nicaragua, Dr. Lester Tapia was the only remaining veterinarian treating working horses on a grand scale in the country. In November, we began supporting Dr. Tapia’s organization Oprovet and their large-scale working horse clinics. With your generous donations from our fundraiser, Global Strays funded all the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for Dr. Tapia’s three-day clinic for working horses on December 15th, 16th and 17th.
At the three-day clinic, Dr. Tapia and his team of volunteer veterinarians, including two veterinarians from the United States, provided medical care to 412 working horses free of charge to their owners in the cities of Granada, Masaya, the community of Camino Real, El Guayabo, Osagay and El Paso. This included hoof care, dental treatments, wound cleaning, and surgeries.
All throughout Nicaragua, horses are a source of income; they are used to pull both construction materials and, in rural communities, the harvest of agricultural production. Nicaraguan families struggle to afford basic veterinarian care for their horses who work 365 days a year. Because healthy working horses are essential to the economy of Nicaragua, Global Strays supports Dr. Tapia’s work, which not only improves the quality of life for the horses, but also improves the lives of the owners and their families. Thank you so much for supporting Dr. Tapia and his mission.

We are looking forward to supporting his next large-scale clinic in March!

The horse clinic has consumed a lot of our time and efforts, however, we have continued to support our other partner organizations in Nicaragua, Colombia, & The Dominican Republic, with basic necessities including spay and neutering, donations for food for the animals at their shelter, salaries for their animal shelter care-takers, monthly rent expenses for animal shelters, urgent medical care for rescued animals, and more.
We were particularly impacted by a puppy that was rescued by Fundación Adan, in Nicaragua. Milly was found tied up in a plastic bag in a pile of garbage and suffered blows to the head. With your generous donations, Milly has received surgery for reconstruction of her jaw, a special liquid diet, and vitamins. She has been healing very nicely.
More specifically, for one of our partner shelters in Colombia, Albergue de Santandercito-Cundinamarca, all 60 of their animals are receiving checkups from a veterinarian, and Global Strays supplied four months of food for the animals at their shelter. Angela Castelblanco and Don Carlos, her husband, receive little to no outside help, so they are extremely grateful for the support.
We want to thank you for your continued support and contributions to Global Strays™ in 2018. 2019 has a lot on the horizon. We would love to include you in our work, so please email us if you would like to get involved: contact@globalstrays.org. Even the smallest donation will improve the lives of animals, so please consider making a donation today. Wishing everyone a happy New Year and thank you always for your generous continued support.



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